The Customs House

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Mill Dam, South Shields, England, NE33 1ES
  • Box office 0191 454 1234
  • Box office times Sun–Tues 11am–6pm; Wed–Sat 11am–8pm.
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Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the information displayed here is accurate, always check with the venue before attending.

Aladdin - Relaxed Performance

Our relaxed performance offer our patrons the opportunity to enjoy the joy of panto without worrying about big bangs, flashing lights or it getting too dark. This performance also allows for noise and movement in the auditorium during the performance.

The Little Panto With The Big Heart Returns For Christmas 2023

Come with us on a magical Cooksonville Adventure as we tell the tale of Aladdin… Packed with jokes, japes, song, dance and Christmas joy. Tickets are selling fast. Early booking is advised.

Thu 28 Dec


The Best of Queen

Join Freddie, Brian, Roger and John as they take you on a magical journey performing The Best of Queen, whilst celebrating the music and showmanship of the UK’s favourite rock band. From Queen’s early beginnings with Bohemian Rhapsody, to their sell out concerts at Wembley Stadium, you’ll experience highlights from Queen’s extraordinary musical performances, whilst you relive the spellbinding atmosphere that Queen delivered over their illustrious career.

For nearly 50 years, Queen have wowed audiences with their legendary live concerts, heart thumping anthems, and jaw dropping, epic scale productions. With 18 number one albums, 18 number one singles and nearly 300 million records sold, it’s no wonder Queen are recognised as the world’s greatest rock band. The Best of Queen show will transport you to a Queen concert at the height of their power. With iconic sound and lights and featuring a selection of Queen’s Greatest Hits, this magical, live stage show is “Guaranteed to Blow your Mind!”

Sun 3 Mar


CBeebies Panto: Robin Hood

CBeebies Panto: Robin Hood
  • 2023
  • UK
  • 1h
  • U
  • Cast: Justin Fletcher, Maddie Moate, Ben Faulks, Jennie Dale, Rhys Stephenson, Dodge T Dog

CBEEBIES PANTO 2023 - Experience the magic of the CBeebies Christmas Show on the BIG CINEMA SCREEN, with additional Exclusive Content featuring your favourite CBeebies stars!

The show will be sprinkled with plenty of CBeebies magic, festive music, stunning dance performances and a star cast of CBeebies presenters and on-screen talent, making it an engaging theatrical spectacle for all the family.

Sat 16 Dec

£6.50 (£5.50; Children £5.50)

Sun 17 Dec

£6.50 (£5.50; Children £5.50)

Celine - My Heart Will Go On

Celine - My Heart Will Go On is an outstanding concert that has been described as “a powerhouse performance that delivers on every level…”

With a live sensational band audiences are taken on a magical ride through four decades of hits that include:

The Power Of Love, It's All Coming Back To Me Now, I'm Alive, All By Myself, Because You Loved Me, My Heart Will Go On and many more…

Join us for an unmissable evening as we pay homage to the Queen of Power Ballads

Sat 20 Jul

Circus of Horrors - Cabaret of Curiosities

Circus of Horrors Addams Faily Friendly

Hot on the heels of Phantasmagoria the Haunted Fairground, The Circus of Horrors returns to The Customs House with their sensational new show: Dr Haze’s Cabaret Of Curiosities. This fang-tastic new show is set to blow your mind with an amazing set, stellar lights, special effects, and beautifully bizarre circus acts, a sinister story and the darkest of magic all performed to an original rock score…if ever there was a modern-day Greatest Showman, then surely Dr Haze would be amongst the front runners. London’s Time Out once quoted “Barnum would be proud” when describing Dr Haze and The Circus of Horrors.

Fri 16 Feb

£25 (£23)

The Customs House Junior Youth Theatre presents: Bite Me

The Customs House Youth Theatre (Junior Group) present

Bite Me by Reece Connolly. Detention can be a pain at the best of times, but throw in a bunch of bloodsucking aliens, time travel, and some killer tunes and things are gunna get even messier. A mad, exciting, genre-bending adventure inspired by classic 80s films performed by the Junior Youth Theatre. Prepare for big hair and even sharper teeth…

Bite Me was written by our 2017 Takeover Young Writer in Residency, Reece Connolly and was originally performed by our Junior Youth Theatre in 2019.

Thu 29 Feb

Deeper Purple

Deeper Purple

Tribute to classic rockers Deep Purple. Renditions of 'Smoke on the Water' almost guaranteed.

Thu 18 Apr


Dennis's Chocolatey Adventure

Dennis and his Cooksonville friends Lindt and Ferrero embark on an egg-citing journey to find the magic Easter egg of Easter Island because without it, the Easter bunny can't make chocolate eggs, which the tooth fairy thinks is probably a good thing, but every chocolate lover would be very sad if all of the delicious chocolates disappeared for good, however, the cad that is Bury wants to stop everyone’s fun and keep all the chocolate for himself.

Join us for stacks of half-term fun and laughter with a show packed with super songs, silly jokes and of course, chocolate…and if that’s not enough, everyone attending will also be in with a chance for the family to win a chocolate making experience courtesy of our sponsors.

Sponsored by The Canny Chocolate Company

Tue 20 Feb


Wed 21 Feb


Thu 22 Feb


Dom Joly - The Conspiracy Tourist

“Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean you’re not being followed!”

Dom Joly has been off travelling the globe again. This time, he’s been looking into some of the strangest and weirdest conspiracy theories in existence.

Now, he’s now set to embark on a rather unique theatre tour, where Dom will be providing a hilarious, fascinating, and slightly anarchic guide to the wacky world of conspiracies.

  1. Is the earth flat?

  2. Does Finland exist?

  3. Did JFK commit suicide?

  4. Are Q Anon mentally ill?

  5. Is Bill Gates using vaccines to take control of your mind?

  6. Is Denver Airport a massive panic room for the Illuminati?

  7. Are UFO’s piloted by lizards?

In the spirt of fairness, Dom will also be inviting a well-known and highly respected conspiracy theorist, Dr Julian Northcote, to take the stage and defend the alternate view.

Thu 14 Mar

Dreamcoat Stars

Featuring stars from the global hit musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Experience the UK's biggest and best night of musical smash-hits! A concert like no other, with everyone’s favourite West End and Broadway classics, including Les Misérables, We Will Rock You, Wicked, Phantom of the Opera, and the toe-tapping Jersey Boys. Draw back the curtains, sing along, and relive all your favourite productions in one epic show.

Feel the spinetingling vocal power of four sensational singers from the hit show Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, coming together for an unforgettable evening of musical theatre.

This colourful production is packed with vibrant and uplifting songs from the nation’s most loved musicals and celebrates the life and work of legendary composers in this mega mix production.

A hand-picked selection of non-stop hits with phenomenal vocal arrangements, incredible four-part harmonies, slick choreography, and memorable anecdotes from the star's time in Joseph.

Grab your coat of many colours and join us on your Dreamcoat journey where Any Dream Will Do.

Thu 2 May


Go Your Own Way - The Fleetwood Mac Legacy

After sell-out shows in 2022 and 2023, Go Your Own Way return to The Customs House in 2024 to do it all over again.

Go Your Own Way is a spellbinding show featuring the music from the legendary multiple Grammy Award Winning Fleetwood Mac. Their rock ‘n’ roll legacy is beautifully performed by a highly talented and acclaimed ensemble of musicians who will take audiences on a powerful journey through the incredible Mac song book that includes Dreams, Don’t Stop, Everywhere, Rhiannon, Gold Dust Woman, Little Lies, Big Love and many more.

Wed 16 Oct


The Importance of Being… Earnest?

Hold onto your handbags and hone your Widean wit. The Importance Of Being…Earnest? is a brand-new interactive production inspired by Oscar Wilde’s classic play.

After the actor playing Ernest fails to arrive on cue, chaos erupts, and the theatre company needs you to jump in and save the show. This hilarious experience is different every night and will be arriving at The Customs House in 2024.

Fri 8 Mar
Sat 9 Mar

Jason Cook Comedy Club April

Join Jason Cook as the host of his comedy club, which brings huge TV names, daft guests and incredible surprises to The Customs House. The biggest names in comedy at the biggest comedy club in the north.

Sat 13 Apr


Jason Cook Comedy Club March

Join Jason Cook as the host of his comedy club, which brings huge TV names, daft guests and incredible surprises to The Customs House. The biggest names in comedy at the biggest comedy club in the north.

Fri 1 Mar


Sat 2 Mar


Jason Cook Comedy Club May

Join Jason Cook as the host of his comedy club, which brings huge TV names, daft guests and incredible surprises to The Customs House. The biggest names in comedy at the biggest comedy club in the north.

Fri 3 May


Sat 4 May


The King's Voice: Gordon Hendricks As Elvis

The King's Voice

“Over the years I have heard many Presley impersonators but when Gordon started to sing, I actually shivered.” Geoff Morrow, Elvis’ songwriter. In Stoke on Trent in the early seventies, a young Gordon Hendricks played to an imaginary crowd. Harmonizing his voice to a constant soundtrack, played on repeat by his sisters. The music was Rock n Roll. The Artist was Elvis. Little did he know back then that his performance in his potteries home would lead to a phenomenal career impersonating The King, working with his legendary musicians in years to come.

Sat 11 May


Little Red Riding Hood Easter Panto

This Easter join Red, Granny and Dennis! in Cooksonville as they bring to life the story of Little Red Riding Hood.

Sat 30 Mar


Sun 31 Mar


Mon 1 Apr


Tue 2 Apr


Thu 4 Apr


Fri 5 Apr


Sat 6 Apr


Mother Goose

We've hatched a plan…

The egg-cellent fairy tale of Mother Goose gets a cracking Cooksonville remake for 2024. Packed with song, dance and lots of laughter, the yolks are guaranteed to crack you up.

Thu 21 Nov

£12–£30.50 (£19.50–£29.50; Children £19.50–£29.50)

Fri 22 Nov

£12–£30.50 (£19.50–£29.50; Children £19.50–£29.50)

Sat 23 Nov

£12–£30.50 (£19.50–£29.50; Children £19.50–£29.50)

Sun 24 Nov

£12–£30.50 (£19.50–£29.50; Children £19.50–£29.50)

Wed 27 Nov

£12–£30.50 (£19.50–£29.50; Children £19.50–£29.50)

Thu 28 Nov

£12–£30.50 (£19.50–£29.50; Children £19.50–£29.50)

Fri 29 Nov

£12–£30.50 (£19.50–£29.50; Children £19.50–£29.50)

Sat 30 Nov

£12–£30.50 (£19.50–£29.50; Children £19.50–£29.50)

Sun 1 Dec

£12–£30.50 (£19.50–£29.50; Children £19.50–£29.50)

Thu 5 Dec

£12–£30.50 (£19.50–£29.50; Children £19.50–£29.50)

Fri 6 Dec

£12–£30.50 (£19.50–£29.50; Children £19.50–£29.50)

Sat 7 Dec

£12–£30.50 (£19.50–£29.50; Children £19.50–£29.50)

Sun 8 Dec

£12–£30.50 (£19.50–£29.50; Children £19.50–£29.50)

Thu 12 Dec

£12–£30.50 (£19.50–£29.50; Children £19.50–£29.50)

Fri 13 Dec

£12–£30.50 (£19.50–£29.50; Children £19.50–£29.50)

Sat 14 Dec

£12–£30.50 (£19.50–£29.50; Children £19.50–£29.50)

Sun 15 Dec

£12–£30.50 (£19.50–£29.50; Children £19.50–£29.50)

Fri 20 Dec

£12–£30.50 (£19.50–£29.50; Children £19.50–£29.50)

Sat 21 Dec

£12–£30.50 (£19.50–£29.50; Children £19.50–£29.50)

Sun 22 Dec

£12–£30.50 (£19.50–£29.50; Children £19.50–£29.50)

Mon 23 Dec

£12–£30.50 (£19.50–£29.50; Children £19.50–£29.50)

Tue 24 Dec

£12–£30.50 (£19.50–£29.50; Children £19.50–£29.50)

Fri 27 Dec

£12–£30.50 (£19.50–£29.50; Children £19.50–£29.50)

Sat 28 Dec

£12–£30.50 (£19.50–£29.50; Children £19.50–£29.50)

Sun 29 Dec

£12–£30.50 (£19.50–£29.50; Children £19.50–£29.50)

Mon 30 Dec

£12–£30.50 (£19.50–£29.50; Children £19.50–£29.50)

Tue 31 Dec

£12–£30.50 (£19.50–£29.50; Children £19.50–£29.50)

Thu 2 Jan

£12–£30.50 (£19.50–£29.50; Children £19.50–£29.50)

Fri 3 Jan

£12–£30.50 (£19.50–£29.50; Children £19.50–£29.50)

Sat 4 Jan

£12–£30.50 (£19.50–£29.50; Children £19.50–£29.50)

Sun 5 Jan

£12–£30.50 (£19.50–£29.50; Children £19.50–£29.50)

Mother Goose - Relaxed Performance

We've hatched a plan…

The egg-cellent tale of Mother Goose gets a cracking Cooksonville remake for 2024. Packed with song, dance and lots of laughter, the yolks are guaranteed to crack you up.

Sat 28 Dec


Mother Goose - Young at Heart

We've hatched a plan…

The egg-cellent tale of Mother Goose gets a cracking Cooksonville remake for 2024.

Packed with song, dance and lots of laughter, the yolks are guaranteed to crack you up.

Fri 13 Dec


Paul Hopkins' Roy Orbison & The Travelling Wilburys Experience


Now in its ninth successful year of touring, hit production “Paul Hopkins’ Roy Orbison & the Traveling Wilburys Experience has wowed audiences with their uncanny visual, vocal and musical resemblances to the original band members. And with the Traveling Wilburys never actually going on tour – perhaps partly due to the untimely death of Roy Orbison – this is a wonderful chance to enjoy a live Traveling Wilburys Experience

Fri 19 Apr


The Periodicals by Sian Owen

Set in the near future – a group of young people live as a feral group of techno-savvy fugitives, living off-the land which is a rubbish dump. They stay out of sight of the authorities – particularly the education authorities who are desperate to get them back into school because the optics are not good. However, school has lost its allure. When the young people are in school, they are overlooked and underestimated – seen as being more trouble than they are worth. So now, for this group, school's out forever.

The show will be performed by our Senior Youth Theatre who as part of the National Theatre Connections Festival 2024, the UK’s largest youth theatre festival

Tue 12 Mar

The Pitmen Poets

The Pitmen Poets

From Billy Elliott to Auf Wiedersehen Pet. From *When the Boat Comes In *to *The Likely Lads *- be enthralled and entertained in a night of songs and stories laced with North East humour and humanity.

The Pitmen Poets is Lindisfarne singer and songwriter Billy Mitchell, Warhorse songman Bob Fox, Master of Tyneside songwriter Benny Graham, and award-winning songwriter Jez Lowe.

'Whoever's idea it was to bring these four together for a show should be awarded a gold medal for services to music.'

Sun 5 May


Pop Princesses

Pop Princesses

A Magical show where beautiful Princesses become Pop Stars!

This is the children’s pop concert with a big difference. A musical spectacular starring four fabulous Fairy tale Princesses who just love to sing! It’s the perfect mix.

Featuring a soundtrack of top pop hits from artists such as Little Mix, Ariana Grande, Taylor swift. Meghan Trainor and Miley Cyrus, plus all the best songs from all your favourite Films and Musicals.

Come and join the fun!

Sat 24 Feb


Sat 20 Apr


The Simon & Garfunkel Story

Following a staggering performance at The Customs House earlier this year, The Simon and Garfunkel Story returns in 2024. Currently the biggest and the most successful international touring theatre show celebrating the lives and career of folk/rock sensation Simon and Garfunkel.

The Simon and Garfunkel Story takes you back through the groovy times of the 1960's. It tells the story of both Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel from their humble beginnings as rock 'n' roll duo; Tom and Jerry, right through their massive worldwide success, dramatic break-up, and ending with a stunning recreation of the 1981 Central Park reformation concert.

Now seen in 50 countries worldwide, The Simon & Garfunkel Story is a moving and powerful concert featuring all the hits such as Mrs Robinson, Bridge Over Troubled Water, Homeward Bound, Scarborough Fair (Canticle), The Boxer, The Sound of Silence, and many more. This is a show not to be missed, with every performance creating a standing ovation.

"Enchanting" Capital Radio / "A Real Treat"- The Metro

"Amazing" - BBC Radio 2 / "Authentic & Exciting" - The Stage / "Simply Incredible" - BBC Scotland

Sun 7 Jul


Talon – The Best of Eagles



Talon have risen from humble beginnings to become one of the most successful theatre touring shows in the UK and ‘TO THE LIMIT 2024’ will once again feature the Eagles timeless back catalogue including Hotel California, Take It Easy, One Of These Nights, Take It To The Limit, Desperado, Lyin’ Eyes, Life In The Fast Lane and many more.

Revered by their peers and loved by their fans, this world class seven-piece band are a phenomenon. They have, over the last quarter of a century, truly transcended the tag of ‘tribute’.

“Talon perform the songs of the Eagles with reverence and super talent” (Jack Tempchin - Eagles Hit Songwriter).


Wed 9 Oct




Taylor Swift Eras: Tribute Concert

An award winning extravaganza that plays tribute to one of the leading contemporary recording artists of our time. Katy Ellis a self obsessed ‘Swiftie’ with an incredible live band and dancers promises to deliver the most authentic recreation of a Taylor Swift show you will ever see.

The show has already taken ‘Swiftie’ fans across the world by storm and features all of Taylor’s much loved hits including ; Shake It Off, Blank Space, Love Story, You Belong With Me, Look What You Made Me Do, I Knew You Were Trouble and many, many more.

Thu 26 Sep


Thank ABBA For The Music

In 1974, ABBA’s iconic Eurovision Song Contest performance of Waterloo made history, with their victory propelling the band to international stardom.

On their brand-new tour Thank ABBA For The Music celebrates the global pop phenomenon’s legendary night with a special 50th Anniversary live concert.

Featuring all of ABBA’s greatest hits including Dancing Queen, Mamma Mia, Super Trouper, Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! SOS, Take A Chance On Me, Voulez-Vous and of course, Waterloo and many more!

Complete with a dynamic cast of outstanding singers, dazzling choreography and interactive video projection, early booking is advised for what promises to be a high-octane extravaganza for ABBA lovers everywhere.

As always ABBA and 70’s fancy dress is optional … but encouraged!

Disclaimer: Thank ABBA For The Music is a tribute show and is not affiliated or endorsed by the original artist or management company.

Sun 6 Oct


Tina Live - The Tina Turner Story

A full concert style stage show, charting the hits and career of Tina Turner from the early days onwards.

Starring Julie Nevada as Tina with her amazing band and dancers, this fully live energetic stage show charts the career of one of the world’s most iconic performers.

Full of hits including Private Dancer, Nutbush City Limits, Proud Mary, River Deep Mountain High and Let’s Stay Together to name but a few, this show is the ultimate night out and not to be missed.

Powerful vocals, live band, backing singers and fabulous professional dancers with electrifying dance routines makes Tina Live Simply the Best.

Fri 17 May

The Tony McNally Trio & Special Guests

Tony McNally is a proud native of the North East, whose musical journey has been as varied as it is long - spanning over 50 years in fact! This evening will feature the launch of his trio with two of the finest musicians in the North: Deon Krishnan (Bass Guitar), and Jimi Savage (Guitar).

2024 is the 30th anniversary of Tony's 2nd album "The River", which is a musical journey along the River Tyne with works entitled 'The North Sea', 'The Swing Bridge' and 'Coldfell'. You can expect performances of the best of Tony's works, new and old with special guests Mike McGrother (Wildcats of Kilkenny), Infant Hercules (male voice singing group) and Stevie Venner (singer/performer).

Tony is a well respected world-class drummer, performer and educator. He is also a music entrepreneur whose teaching tools have been viewed by over 8,000,000 on BBC1's Dragons' Den. Tony is really looking forward to returning to The Customs House for this one!

Sat 20 Apr

£10 (£8)

Top Secret - The Magic of Science

Top Secret - the Magic of Science

Fusing the mystery of magic with wondrous and miraculous feats of science. Hang on to your seats as we transform the venue into a real life science laboratory. Experience the non-stop action packed interactive magical science experiments that will capture the imagination. Top Secret is a fast moving colourful magical science show filled with mystery, suspense, lots and lots of mess!

Top Secret will inspire and educate every young budding magician and scientist, as well as proving fun and exciting entertainment for all of the family.

Sun 9 Jun

£14 (Children £12)

The Customs House

Established in 1848, Customs House now features a 441 seat theatre, 145 seat studio, gallery, bar and restaurant. The cinema shows a mixture of new and classic films, with special Movie Meal Deal offers available.

There is free parking opposite the venue if travelling to the venue by car. The South Shields Metro Station is also only a short walk away as is Market Place, where all buses to South Shields stop. If travelling via the river then the Shields Ferry Terminal is only 300 yards walk away.

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