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35-47 Bethnal Green Road, Bethnal Green, London, E1 6LA
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Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the information displayed here is accurate, always check with the venue before attending (especially during the Covid-19 pandemic).

Arabs Are Not Funny! – Rich Mix

Arabs Are Not Funny! – Rich Mix

Arabs Are Not Funny is back in East London with comedians Hilal Kassem, Farah Sharp, Sezar Alkassab & Elie Maalouf.

Don’t let the name of this night fool you. Arts Canteen presents a special edition of one of London’s hottest comedy nights as 4 comedians with roots in the Arab world attempt to prove the naysayers wrong!

LINEUP: Hilal Kassem Hilal Kassem, AKA @HILALIOUSCOMEDY, is a comedian from the Lebanese diaspora in Nigeria who came to Europe to study Cultural Psychology. With his sarcastic humor, Hilalious will share with us his intercultural journey tapping upon race, religion, gender, sexuality, and other hot topics!

Farah Sharp Farah is an English-Egyptian comedian based in London. She has performed around the UK as well as in Sydney, Australia. Her stand-up is a mix of quirky opinions and anecdotes, often based around her upbringing or relationships and what she has (or hasn’t!) learnt from them.

Sezar Alkassab Sezar is a Scottish comedian, whose family is from Iraq. His conversational comedy explores his heritage, managing cultural differences, misconceptions, gender politics, and more in a comedy act with silly stories, informed observations and provocative punchlines.

Elie Maalouf Elie began his stand-up career in Beirut, Lebanon in 2018. Since then, he has performed at venues across the country. He is a regular comedian with AWK.WORD, the first underground stand-up comedy platform in Lebanon.

Fri 7 Oct


Moundabout - Live Soundtrack

Moundabout - Live Soundtrack

Irish Film London is excited to team up with powerhouse London promoter's Baba Yaga Hut to bring our audience a sensory delight, combining footage from the Northern Ireland Screen Digital Archive with a live soundtrack performance from new Irish folk project Moundabout.

As part of a project which seeks to explore creative repurposing of archive images, IFL found a treasure trove of silent footage which was waiting to be rediscovered & reinterpreted. This ethos also perfectly describes Paddy Shine & Phil Masterson's new folk project Moundabout which blends the line between experimental sound & traditional folk music. By joining forces with this incredible band it gives us a chance to add new meaning to old images, by combining them with exciting & original music

Tue 18 Oct


Nadine Khouri

Nadine Khouri

Discovered by John Parish (PJ Harvey, This is the Kit) Khouri recorded her atmospheric album 'The Salted Air' with the producer in his hometown Bristol. Released in 2017, the alt-folk album earned plaudits from the likes of MOJO and Drowned In Sound, was celebrated by Q (Feb 2017 Critics Choice) and selected as one of Rough Trade's Albums of the Year. In the past year, Khouri has performed with artists such as Low, Aldous Harding, Howe Gelb, John Parish, Adrian Crowley, and many more. Her forthcoming EP 'A New Dawn' is due for release in October 2018. Nadine performs with Basia Bartz (violin) Huw Bennett (double-bass) Jake Long (drums) and Lizzy O'Connor (BVs, keys.)

Wed 16 Nov


The Winner Takes It All - Pandvani108's new show!

The Winner Takes It All - Pandvani108's new show!

Tricksters, deities, strange childhoods, complicated marriages and cosmic crises collide in the hands of the ever-exuberant Pandvani108 ensemble!

Raoul Neumann (Trans Siberian March Band), Sheema Mukherjee and Rav Neiyyar (Transglobal Underground) deliver stunning soundtracks for stories performed by the fabulous Ben Haggarty, Emily Hennessey and Steph Brittain.

Expect high comedy, wild drama, punked pop, divine deception and all things bloody beautiful, as this popular troupe summon the ancient gods and monsters of Greece, Ireland, India, Japan, Iceland and more – mashing-up myth to ask what it is that we really, really want…

If you like your long stories short, then this is for you!

Thu 15 Dec

Rich Mix, based in Shoreditch, has a three screen cinema and a range of performance spaces.
It is a charity and social enterprise which provides a large number of free event tickets and surpluses are used to support local education, arts and community activities.

Based in a 62,000 sq ft former leather factory, it occupies five floors and is home to over 20 creative organisation alongside the cinema and event spaces.

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