Jonny Knox: Remote Sense

Screening of the full-dome AV film by Jonny Knox, which takes inspiration from prehistoric artists.

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This film is not currently showing in cinemas.

We're absolutely delighted to be showing the incredibly beautiful Remote Sense by Jonny Knox, in the Planetarium at GSC.

Remote Sense is a fulldome AV film with visuals solely generated from Lidar (laser scanned) data and audio from collaborator and Ecuadorian sound designer Darien Britto.

Taking inspiration from prehistoric artists who painted in 360 degrees, the work follows the shamanic/artistic process of entoptic phenomena, an altered state, universal, visual experience linked to the central nervous system which inspired mysterious yet familiar geometric and abstract Neolithic art.

The process of blurring reality to abstraction is really interesting to Jonny; abstract expressionist Ashille Gorky said, "abstraction allows man to see with his mind what his eyes can't see". We understand the world to be made up of atoms; we know this to be true, but can't see it… or can we? Entoptic phenomena appears to be a process of breaking down visual reality to its raw, primordial state, so what better way to express this than through Lidar data which, by nature, senses the world atom by atom. Along with this audio visual treat, our Planetarium presenters will take you on a journey around the universe before the show begins, to show you just what this amazing space is capable of, across astronomy, ahead of the art of Jonny's piece.

About Jonny
Jonny Knox is a digital artist, co-founder and CCO in Glasgow, UK. He combines his eclectic background in music, architecture and computer-generated graphics to craft new media designs, installations and immersive experiences; stepping between left and right brains, between art, design and technology to experience.

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