French Film Festival: Belle De Jour By Luis Bunuel

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Séverine, played by the beautiful legendary actress Catherine Deneuve, and Pierre are a young relatively newly married Parisienne couple in a comfortable upper middle class life. They are outwardly in a loving, happy marriage, which belies the fact that she more often than not rejects his romantic and sexual advances in the bedroom. He tolerates her rejections in his love for her. Although she tells him of the benign situations of her many dreams, she doesn't tell him of the details, which always include him controlling and humiliating her in some form of sexual dominance. She does not know why she rejects him sexually, or why she has such dreams. She learns from various sources that one of her distant married friends, a woman by the name of Henrietta, works as a prostitute in a high end brothel, which she didn't know even existed. Although initially uncomfortable with both the thought and the actual actions of having sex with strange men for money, Séverine is nonetheless drawn to work in such an establishment. In doing so, Séverine may be able to exorcise some demons in her life, but perhaps not at others' expense in the process. Chosen by Pierre Bergé as one of Yves Saint Laurent’s favourite films, Deneuve was dressed by Yves for the film.

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