• 2014
  • Nigeria
  • 1h 35min
  • Directed by: CJ 'Fiery' Obasi
  • Cast: Gabriel Afolayan, Jumoke Ayadi, Omowunmi Dada

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This ultra low-budget Nigerian zombie, film set in a nightmarishly enclosed slum district of Lagos, juggles comedy and creeping terror audaciously. A zombie infection is transmitted through the water supply of the slum district, leading to each of the district’s denizens being possessed by the ‘ojuju’ of the title. Romero, a knowing wink to the doyen of the subgenre, is an expectant father and, like so many other people in his district, a skunk addict. When his pregnant girlfriend and best mate are turned zombie, Romero is left having to find a way out of the ghetto with Peju, a local girl who may have a crush on him. Despite the budgetary limitations, director Obasi serves up a satisfyingly grotesque horror as seen through a thick haze of skunk smoke. The director also brings something fresh to the zombie subgenre by focusing as much on the mindless actions of the zombies, as upon the quest for survival of his protagonists.

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