Metropolitan Opera: ropolis (Cert. Pg)

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The Hippodrome is proud to present one of the most influential films ever made: Fritz Lang’s ‘Metropolis’ (1927) with dynamic live DJ set/soundtrack accompaniment by Vangelis Makriyannakis.

This stunning, landmark film is a dark vision of a futuristic city, divided between its upper-class, living luxuriously in skyscrapers high above the ground, and a working-class endlessly toiling in squalor below the city surface. The beautiful heroine Maria strives to unite the masters and the workers but her efforts are undermined by the overlord of Metropolis and an inventor who have created a robot creature in Maria’s likeness to incite the workers to riot.

The mother of all sci-fi films and a major influence on Ridley Scott’s ‘Blade Runner’, George Lucas’ ‘Star Wars’, as well as pop culture – referenced by Madonna, Beyoncé, Janelle Monáe and countless others – ‘Metropolis’ is amongst the most iconic films of all time… a cinema classic with a huge cult following.

This is your chance to see the reconstructed and restored version (2010), pieced together by archivists across the world from the “Holy Grail” of film finds, to return the sci-fic epic to the original release version.

Experience this landmark of cinematic science fiction re-imagined with a soundscape drawn from the vaults of kraut-electronica, industrial, minimalist electronics & post-rock.

  • “Curating a DJ set for METROPOLIS resembles more being an orchestra conductor playing with machines… a DJ shifts constantly through different perspectives, through different, sometimes surprising yet never simply wilful, musical choices.”* Vangelis Makriyannakis

“The music was amazing… It was easily the best soundtrack to a vintage silent film that I’ve experienced… This soundtrack lived, it breathed, it propelled the audience rather than carrying them. The music allowed me to feel colours, I forgot I was watching a black and white film, let alone a silent one.” Mike Logan Arts Review

***‘Metropolis’ is the first of our Hippodrome ‘Taste of Silents’ – a short season to introduce the rich, immersive and captivating world of silent film with live music. Coming soon… the romantic drama ‘Sunrise’, Harold Lloyd’s breath-taking, clock-face-hanging comedy ‘Safety Last’ and Alfred Hitchcock’s suspenseful thriller ‘Blackmail’.***

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